16 January, 2011

Early in the morning, our clinical instructor (CI) came over to our hostel.. Is a day where we our CI teachers us about orthopedic and also to see how we do our bandaging. So that we can get crossess. Gud enough our CI came without empty hand.. (hehe). She actually bought all of us nasi lemak and curry puff..
Oh my oh my!! I've been having nasi lemak for 7 days!! Im so unhealthy. But wat to do?? Besides nasi lemak, there's nothing else more. Hopefully next week there's no nasi lemak again.. Anti nasi lemak!! Well, i hope i x nit to have nasi lemak again.
Madam is so kind-hearted enough to come all the way to teach us (rather den spending time v her children..) Well, all of us appreciate it a lots,Madam..
I had KFC mushpotato and salad for teatime. Wat a pity thing.. But I enjoyed having it!! Cz is my 1st time over here having such a delicious foods. Yummy~

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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