31 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com People changed, love changed

Dearest blog/diary,

Im currently in dis relationship a year plus. First 6months, I really had a wonderful and sweetest moments with my bf. I really hope dis relationship can go steady and well and of course everlasting. How sweet and wonderful of us?? We always hang out, he always b there for me when Im being bullied, he always tolerate (my attitude of like being manja, like to be uhu glue to him), he even cooked for me, he even come all e way to my hostel to visit me when Im sick, he even came and be myside when one day my housemate bunuh diri, he even came and settle things when one day i had arguments with my housemates, we even able to hang out late midnite to watch movie,  I even accompany him late midnite when he went futsal with his frenz, we even used to battle in game, he even purposely din sleep at nite to wait next morning just to fetch me bck hostel frm my fren's hostel, we even go supermaket buy sayur and all to cook together, every nite b4 i sleep he will play guitar for me, i still remember he cried in front of me few time, I still remember once I overnite at his house whem Im sick, I scolded him for not waking me up to eat after I take medicine (and of cz he cooked dinner for me after dat), I even be his tongkat when his leg injured, he even suprised me with a couple necklace when he 1st get his PTPTN, we even went holiday together, we even celebrate b'thday together (which he never did). We never quarrel, but sometime I did find things to make him angry. He explained to me, and always have dis "sorrry" words. But all dis are history to me.. The 1st itme we met was a really funny things and funny stories.. It all started during posting. I cant believe after we 2gether, we work at same ward and some cubical. Of course having a bf working togther is so much fun. Plus his our ward leader dat time. All my duties or difficulty i will throw to him. He even helped me a lot during posting dat time. Lecturer ejek and asking about us and all. He always will teman me for break time or whereever i want to go. We even tried to request posting at sarawak together. But failed.  All dis are history and cant be turn back.

At the same time, many ppl saw both of us so sweet.. Many rumors and gossips around. But, both of us never bother and just have trust with each other. After dat, he moved little far away from me.. N things started to change. Everything still normal, but just a bit of differences in our relationship. Still, going well.

But things changes even worst dis year, when both of us have p'cintaan yg tdk direstui.. We tend to b far away, we always quarrel.. He also started to scold me and be rude to me. Everything i say, he has his own reasons and his egoness is too high. N Im always the one who be the water to cool down, I always the one who have no ego and principle in my life anymore. Even many times we quarrel, he said "If I think his too bad for me, is better to break dis relationship." But, I just felt dat there's a solutions better den breaking up. So Im the way u persuade him since both of us still have dat love towards each other. Since he den, he started working nite time.. Our relationship even further,even call and sms are also getting lesser. Every nite I cried and think how to make dis relationship b like last time. I always want to be better and much better for him, bt too many thinking in me dat makes us problems comes after another. We can even din sms for few days, no call for few days.. Since he din top up. And of cz, 3rd party appears started to appear in our life. I always asked myself "All e while Im sincer towards him, but why Im e one who get punished." He told me dat both of them have no relations, jst frenz. But can a normal fren be like smsing each other midnite, going out just the two of them??  Ok ,dis thing settled and also 3rd party dissapear in our life..

Many times I tried to changed, no scandle at all, even din contact any guys at all. He say now he wants is to be with me and care for me.. Even now i sicked, he din even asked me or anything. I actually scolded him for dis things and making me be like stupid gurl all e while. He actually scolded me bck by saying "too many problems occured till he felt lazy to layan me sometime. But he always think of me. Sometimes he dunno who to turn to (cz too many prolbems in us), so he find other ppl to talk to.

I know Im not a good gf like u want. U always say me for being too manja and too children. Always refuse to listen yr saying.. Is dis y u becmoe like dis? I always know and tld myself "in each relationship, of cz there's a period of time have thunders. Maybe dis is the time of trial for us. Since for the past 6-9 months, nothing happened as worst as this."

Anyway, Im happy to received yr Sliver White couple ring and necklace. I know it costs u a lot of yr money, bt thz.. And I will always be yr angel for u and will changed my attitude. Maybe perhaps I need to take a step to change, only u will able to change?? Who knows.. But if one person refuse to take a chance to change, our problems will go on like dis and getting worst.

I love u deeply..

(Soorry for writing my personal things here, but i just dunno who to tell to. So i decided to write here, maybe bloggers can give some advice.)

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30 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Fuiyoo.

Yeah, finally my theory final is over. Wat a relieve.. But dis time I did not dat well compare with previous sem. So these few days wiill be relaxing a little by watching SUNNY HAPPINESS (Taiwan Drama).
Fri only starts my preparation of my practical. Having OSCE on monday till thurs.. God bless me ya..

Sunny Happiness i dun reallly know wat's about. I just randomly download from internet. Havent really start seeing. But is mainly about a rich guy and a poor women..

If u all are interested, can go to www.viki.com to search for is movie..
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29 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Method in Study

Tips to study: (general suggestions la)

  1. Do mind map or short notes dat make u all easier to understand
  2. Highlight those key words using different colour of highlight pen
  3. Memorise and understand..
  4. Close yr notes and reflect back wat u read just now (if possible write in a paper)
  5. Fail to reflect, open notes den study for a few rounds till u get it
  6. Do revision questions (frm lecturer tutorial or internet)
  7. Ask and answer questions frm yr frenz. (have a fren to post u some questions)
  8. Disccusssion v frenz..
  9. Seek yr lecturer for any questions..
  10. Last bt not least, away from yr laptop..

All e best..

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http://www.emocutez.com Raining vs Sun

 Aduiyai.. Cuaca yg beg2 panas sekali.. 

Klo hujan, kte owg complaint acl slu hujan.. Sy suka hujan krn best tok tdr, tp baju x dpt kering dgn cpt.. Klo hujan, mst hujan b'turut turut.. Cmp setengah tpt pun dh banjir..

Tp, karang panas.. Kte pulak mengadu, acl cuaca panas sekali?? Haha..

Yg ane ko owg suka??

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http://www.emocutez.com Movie

Sape nk belajar download blh g ke website abg ku belajar.. www.templarassasin91.blogspot.com

*Kadang kala abg nie amat sibuk.. Tp, ko owg blh mintak dy tlg cari ap movie yg ko owg nk.. Masa dy free, dy kn layan request ko owg..*

Sori atas kesulitan yer. Sorry gak x post cgt, krn mggu nie ad final teory.. Besok mula, kn free ckt.. hehe..

Lots of Love,
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26 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Omelet Egg

Morning, owner wants to teach all of us how to do OMELET EGG!!
- Is like scramble egg (but is not in fried) and u can make as sandwich..


  • 3 eggs (according to yr needs)
  • Black pepper
  • Rosemary Spice
  • Mayonise
  • Tomato

How to do??
1. Fully cook yr egg..
2. Peel off the hard cover of yr eggs
3. Smash yr egg into small pieces at a bowl
4. Mix yr eggs with mayonise (1 tablespoon)
5. Mix yr eggs with black pepper and also rosemary spices (not to much)
6. Mix well and well..
7. Cut tomato into slices and put aside (so dat u can put inside e bread)
8. Ready to serve

This is how it looks. (kinda mess)
*The red colour thingy is tomato

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25 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Karya

Ni mood i sekarang..
Stress dgn ap nie??
Business I dan pakwe i, exam, pakwe lg dan lg..

Siapa nk tenang kn aty i??

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http://www.emocutez.com Tempahan

Admin nk wt biz tok bloggers design blog cmp cantek cantek..
Ko owg blh tempah header melalui fb send message kt admin..

  • Bagi tema warna
  • Gambar
  • Blog url u owg
  • Tulisan yg nk letak kt blog
  • Headerx1 (RM5)
  • Headerx5 (RM20)
  • Icon (kecik mcm cursor) x1 (RM3)
  • Header + icon (depends tok size) akan dibagi taw.

  • Bayaran melalui:
  • Top up (bagi nombor cupon) Below RM10
  • Bank Above RM10
  • Follower tok blog Admin
  • Friends tok blog Admin
*Harga akan ditukar pd masa ke masa*
* 3-6 hari tok selesai tempah ko owg*

Bayaran diwt lepas ko owg puas dgn karya kte.

Blh g fb aly syah ataw pun my dear bear tempah..

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http://www.emocutez.com Klick more and more ya..

Insufficient money?? No income??

You can register yrself and start do business here..
Dun nit to have any model fee, anything..
Is free..

So, wat are u waiting for??

That's all.. Just klick above 3,
And get yrself register..
Den,u can start yr biz..

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24 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Breakfast 4 today

Morning.. Wat a windy morning rite?? Haha
Have all of u take BREAKFAST??

Let me introduce my BREAKFAST today.. 
Breakfast dat fill with Lots of Love by MUMMY..

Messy table?? Dis called EXAM FEVER..

Ya, my breakfast. IS OAT. Delicious + Healthy
Few reasons y we nit to have breakfast:
  • Gives us glucose (energy) to build ourself up early in e morning.
  • Avoid fatigue or fainting early in the morning (especially u're doing sports)
  • Build our body
  • Break the overnite fasting periods.
  • Absorb carbohydrates to wat we eat

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23 March, 2011

Mood: Happy, excited..

At last, there's bloggers came for blog walking at my blog. All e while, my blog is so so so so quiet till I almost gave up blogging. But nw bloggers around came by to my page and b follower somemore.. It actually increase my faith.. 

Im a new and freshie blogger.. I dunno wat to post sometimes. Dun even know how to make my blog interesting, dun even know how to customise blog and so oon.. But i really thanks to all bloggers who have their tutorial to guide me and teach me.. N now, i wish my blog will attract more people and more people..

Hope dat followers of mine will introduce my blog to their followers too..
Hope dat more people will leave their comment at my entries too.
Much more apreciated ya..


Love u all <3
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http://www.emocutez.com Plan

Oww.. Next week is my final exam. But, Im just so relax in surfing internet.. Haha.. From tomorrow onwards, I dun have any classes.. So i will be at home for whole day. Starting 2mlo, need to sit infront of table, and THROW away my Laptop.  In order to concentrate my study..

Cant wait for Friday. Cz Fri Im going to hair saloon to set my hair. Not sure wat to do with my hair. My bf ask me to keep long my hair, but i dislike keeping long + my hair little. So, let my hairstylist design for me on FRIDAY!!
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http://www.emocutez.com In love mood..

Setiap owg dh couple, mst dlm Mood 
Love is in e air kan kan??

Petang td, pakwe mcj saya sembang jap la..
Saya pun mintak alamat umah dr dy, tok wt biz nuffnang kt blog i..
Dy pun balas dan tiba2 ckp "B SYG KT BY SGT"
Rasa pelik ckt la, krn owg tny alamat umah,
Dy pulak balas mcm 2..

Saya pun tanya dy ap ubat dy mkn salah..
Dy pun balas ingin nk cakap pas tgk blog saya..
Ish perasan btol dy 2..

Name AlySyah ialah nama kte 2 owg gabung + gak nama English i (Alyssa)

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http://www.emocutez.com Click more and more and more..

Wat is dat thay ALYSYAH wants u all to click more and more and more??

Hey!! Have u guys seen above there's a banner (Heartbeat)?? Ya, dat is it!! All of yr click is much more appreciated.. Why?? We can earn earning just by clicking dat HEARTBEAT advertisement!!

I reallly hope all of u can help me by just clicking dat advertisement.. U all can go to this website and register yrself as MY HB!AFFILIATE

U all can place yr order according to all u want.. Intersting ha??

So, plz and plz and plz dun forget to CLICK ON HEARTBEAT ADVERTISEMENT!!
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http://www.emocutez.com Saya..


Masa tok g kelas dh..
Kelas ari ni hny 1 jam..

Brb mlm nanti..

(adui yai..Mggu dpn dh final nie.. Study x ciap ciap lg..asyik online jer..)
(Telinga pun dh gatal slu dgr pakwe marah)

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http://www.emocutez.com 60 Earth Hour

Tahun lepas ko owg ad tolong dalam EARTH HOUR x??
Hanya 1 jam tutup lampu boleh selamat kan dunia kte owg gak.

Jd, tunggu ap?

Sabtu nie, (26/3/11) @ 8.30pm adalah EARTH HOUR tok TAHUN 2011!! Masa nie la, kte semua b'sama sama tutup lampu untuk 1 jam.. 1 jam jer.. Bukaan tok 24 jam.. Demi EARTH kte owg, kte b'kerjasama demi KEMPEN ni la..~

Tok taw lg byk ttg EARTH HOUR, blh klick website kat bawah nie..

Harap ko owg enjoy 1 jam tanapa lampu la.. Hehe

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http://www.emocutez.com Pagi yg Indah..

My blog page at FB

Please do LIKE my Blog page at FB.. Just click e link above.. Hope u all can give me some feedback cz Im new to Blog and Im not a good Blogger, actually.. Hope all of u can give me supports..
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22 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Change 'Posted by' to wat u want

First, go to yr design, and find Page elements as above..

Go to yr blog post, and click edit..
You will c dis thing appear as below..

Den, just edit according wat u want..

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http://www.emocutez.com Weight of My Blog

Huhu.. x sangka kn?? Blog i begitu ringan.. Ko owg pun nk try timbang?


Pergi jer ke web nie.. Ko owg blh timbang byk website cmp 10website pun x pe..
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21 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com SPM

WOWO.. 2 more days to go... (wat is it??)


Interesting har?? Seeing all over malaysian receiving their result. Result dat determines their future..
Wondering how's they feeling rite now.. (Joy, peace, nervous, happy, sad etc..)

Anyway all e best for them. U all have done yr very best, so dun complaining so much after collecting results ya.. God bless..
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http://www.emocutez.com Maintainig Relationship

Tips to maintain yr relationship with yr THE OTHER HALF.. For sure all u of u have ups and downs with yr another half rite?? I never been in a long relationship, but dis time with my Mr.Him, I coudlnt believe we together for 1 year plus!! Here comes the things dat i learnt from MR.Him all this while, dat makes our relationship maintain and still going..

  1. Trust is the most important and takes the 1st too.. No trust, a relationship cant go so far and cant maintain..
  2. Patience and tolerate. Both gender has own ego. If 2 persons ego are getting higher, and refuse to decrease a little especially during quarrel times. Is hard to maintain both of yr relationship. Of cz both gender has difference (dat's y it makes less perfect couple), dat's why we nit to tolerate each other even sometime we dun like it..
  3. Give and take.. Nothing comes free.. U cant just always and forever let yr the other half to pay for all during dating time rite? So sometimes, u nit to give in something (in order to show yr appreciation and love).. Maybe some guys supper dislike girl paying, but small present would do..
  4. Obey. Obey to wat yr the other half say. Do and don'ts.. Maybe sometime u feel dislike, but u nit to remember (if yr e other half feel u are nothing to him, they wouldnt come out DO AND DONTS for u). Is good advantage for obey. But, of cz dun too over dat DO AND DON'TS..
  5. When quarrel happens, dont accuse the other party for anything 1st. BE COOL, BE CALM, THINK TWICE.. and bring this topic slowly. Allow each other to explain slowly.. After explaining, talk about how u all want to close dis problems.. Solution dat each other agreed and beneficial for each other.
  6. Be sincer. Got one bf/gf, dun ever find any scandle.. If both are sincer, there's no scandle occur.. Sincer not only to yr partner, by in everything u do to yr the other half.
  7. Do not expect yr the other half to change according to yr ways. 1st, we nit to change our weakness, den only expect yr the other half to change their habits. If u cant accept his ways, then in 1st place y u date him, y u love him and accept him at 1st place?? Many ppl might say, his different from being frenz. Den, u should think twice before accepting him..
  8. If u are on gathering v frenz till late nite, report yrself to yr e other half about ur safety.. So dat, yr the other half wont be worry about u till late midnite.. Try get home asap..
  9. Dun believe other ppl talk regarding about yr the other half. People's mouth may be poison to spoilt both of relationship, they can add things into salt and pepper.. If yr the other half din do, but get to know u accused him/her just because of frenz mouth, he/she will be very dissapointed dat y u dun believe. So before u want to say anything regarding wat yr frenz told u, be detective 1st..
I think dat's all from me la.. Hehe.. Tata.. HOPE U ALL ENJOY.

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20 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Overcoming problem

Method to keep yrself from thinking of yr problems.. (My individual opinion)

  1. Sleep.. Sleep all e time till u are satisfied.. This is because u will have sweet dream, rather den thinking of yr problems..
  2. Shooooppppinng!! Wow.. shopping doesnt mean u MUST BUY!! U can also do WINDOW SHOPPING!! By seeing things u like, or beautiful, actually makes my heart to feel good.. Can just simply step into a shop, trying clothes dat i like without buying it.. Feel of satissfaction tho..
  3. Maaaakkaann.. Eat and eat and eat to release stress..
  4. Hang out with frenz.. Tiup angin dari merata tempat, laugh about everything else.. Not only can increase our life span, bt makes us healthy too.. Rather den strecthing yr head dat will reduce yr life span..
  5. Swimming.. Huhu.. Build up our body too..
  6. Playing games.. Too concentrate in playing games, tend to let us forgot our world and also time..
  7. Movie and pop corn times.. Is good if watch movie dat will let u laugh till yr lungs out.. If sad movie also can, it will express all our sadness and emotions out..
  8. Most important, talk to our elderly dat we can trust.. Elderly been thru our times and of cz they also know much better den us..
Hope it is useful for u all..

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18 March, 2011

Finally, managed to meet Him today. Oh, its been so long we lost contact.. No sms, no call, no meet.. Nothing. (Actually is just one day) But one day seems too long.

Is really good meeting each other and chit chat all over and about everything. We actually talked about our 1 year ago memories. How we get to know each other, how are we staying together, how he treated and care about me oveer the phone, how we used to skype everyday when we were far apart, how he controlled me and everything.. And after 1 year wat happened, he rarely kisah ap yg aq wat, how we can in fire for days and others. From here, we also tend to open up our heart and mouth to frankly say. I complaint a lot of cz and as usaul. Complaining for him din care me much compare with last time.. Maybe last time we stayed together dat y always have e care.

I still remember last time he can sms asking me "any guy siiting beside u?" where ever I am.. (but now dis question no long available)
Last time he scolded me at nurses cafe in front of all students. Why?? Just because i sat down with a gang of guys and chit chatting.. (But now, he no longer angry)
Do not wear singlet or short pants out.. (Now, up 2 u wat u want to wear)

Is also my fault for everytime take his saying as ANGIN TIUP CNI DAN CITU.. Dat's y, he also malas want to talk so much and control much now..

Is good to reflect back our time together. Knowing we had gone through so much obstacles and pains, sweets, sour and all. Knowing each other thought and also words.

May us can be everlasting couple..
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http://www.emocutez.com Study vs Working

Gosh gosh gosh!! 2 more weeks to go is my 5th semester final!! Hmm..cant really believe dat. Preparation not good.


I prefer to work lots more den studying.. I dislike sitting for exam, i dislike to stare at books, i dislike to know my result, I dislike being compare and competitive and lots more.

I prefer working. I love received large amount of money, I love to have busy life (work is buzier den study for me), I love to c e world outside, I very eager to know working's lifestyle how cruel is it etc. Of cz working can be bad. I used to work, and  I seriously enjoyed working. Tho it will be more tiring den studying..

Someone told me..

In order to get yrself to have a stable job, or yr dream jobs.. U nit to study too. Without studying, u couldnt get a well stable job or a job dat u want.. Unless, u choose to work as cleaning, as maid or other job dat wouldnt use yr brain.. Nothing comes easy.. Everything u nit or u want, requires process. N dis process will leads to yr achievement, and achievement leads to yr dreams and so on.. Even tho u're working, u nit to study also (in order to excel in yr work).. So work does not make perfect if u're not studying. We always nit to, in order to upgrade ourself.

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http://www.emocutez.com Patience??

Everywhere frenz say sabar sabar, patience patience.. Is it so important in relationship?? At 1st, i do not feel dat patience is so great and important in relationship.. But, afta going thru a year love relationship.. I learnt a lot from my another half.

He taught me a lot regarding patience. Yes, all my ex said i do not have patience at all. Even my currently relationship. In time of quarrel, I tend to learn more and understand more about my bf. Patience really matters a lots. Without patience and love together, I can say dat me and him wont stand till so long. It's all because of his patience towards me. But, i took things for granted easily. Until recently, I had lots of problems with my e other half.. So all my frenz suggestions are almost e same " patience, dear."," boy has their own ego, and they wouldnt want to lose. Just tolerate", " Do not put so much heart in yr relationship. Dun let guys fool on gurls!!" " Do not let guys take us gurls for advantage." "Keep yrself high. If u really mean to him, he will find u no matter wat." " Do not show dat u're sensitive , cz it will make him frustrated, and will make him knows he means so much 2 u. Might take u for granted " " If he say dat enough for all arguements, keep quiet and be patience. Stop questioning him." etc.. 

I think all sugestions above from them are really true and reasonable. The more we show cares and loves, the more hurts and nothing we will get. So, lets c if im gonna have patience and all, wat will happened.. Relationship getting better?? or wat??
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17 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Saying..

U want to change yr relationship into wat u want, u nit to CHANGE YRSELF 1ST, OTHER DEN ASKING YR THE OTHER HALF TO CHANGE.
 I feel dat it is totally rite in dis saying. U cant expect yr the other half to change according to yr way, if u din change yr behavior. By changing ourself, yr e other half will feel glad dat u changed, and he/she will automatically changed to wat u want.. So, be patience in everything.. Even tho sometimes is hard to control our anger, our jealousy, our pride and many things else.. In order to have eternity with yr e other half, all dis matters. So dat it will avoid us from quarreling..

*Blog is e best way to make me feel calm down.. Its been days din sms v him.. wondering wat are u doing out there.. Hope u are fine.. Miss and lots of love*
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10 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Mending relationship

I really would like to repair my relationship with him.. Sometimes I just couldn't understand him well. He seems to understand me, but sometimes over understanding makes me felt that I din mean dat way.. I have lots to say, but I dun get a chance to say. When he and I are in good mood, I tend not to say anything dat will spoilt our mood.. When we are on fight, he tends to say a lot.. But I just cant get a thing out from my mouth. I dunno why. So i will just keep quiet all time.

Wat i dun understand recently was.. 
(last few weeks)
I: b, by is going to melaka during May holiday gawaii.. Can?? Got camp..
B: (quiet) hmm.b din go bck hometown during may holiday, b only at hostel.. if u go 2 melaka, i willl go to sarawak.. dun try to challenge me.. If i at cheras, u dun think u can go to melaka..
I: (ah??) but mine is camp, not holiday..ok, if b say like dis..i will follow u..
B: (quiet)

(Afta 2 weeks. Date: Last nite)
I: up (fren of my bf and I), back sarawak during gawaii??
Fren: Ah ah, going back.. yr bf will be following too. His mum allow
I: (shock) ah?? when?? buy ticket dy??
Fren: Havent.. still waiting..

I: b, comfirm u going sarawak?? If yes, ok..den i will go to melaka..
B: Ah ah..confirm..u go la to where u want..
I: (kinda sad).. but, b say wont go?? How come changed yr mind
B: dis is wat i want all e while. U also know rite? From last time i say i want to go till now.
I: yes i know..bt lst time u said u want to go v me..and we can go togehter next semester posting..
B: u thin is so easy to apply at sarawak for posting??
I: (rasa mcm diingin kan) ok..up 2 u la..i will go whereever i want..u also go whereever u want..
B: by, b oly away to sarawak with my housemates only. I want go there to have a look.. U dun worry, our heart is always near..
I and B: (silence..)

Later, he realised Im different.. So, he tries to make me happy. But i din really care. Afta dat he pissed off at me, saying sakit aty, cz his trying to make me happy.. But i ignore. I kept quiet and all his anger put on me.. Saying my fault all e while. Saying Im starting to pijak kepala dy. Wat the heck??!!

Hello b.. 
  • All e while I sms u, u saying dat u are playing game.. Ok, fine..u can continue yr game..
  • When i sms u last nite.. U told me u're working. I said, is alrite u continue yr work. i dun want to disturb u.. (but just now u scolded me for saying dis, scolded me for being over manja. but dis is wat i really mean, and not mean forcing u to reply. Ya, maybe at certain times I may make u force to reply my sms. But dis time I din mean to. Yes, u say u can relpied my sms during work. But i dun want feel bad gf for disturbing u, i dislike receive sms dat is short. Last time, u scolded me for always sms-ing u while u are doing things. But dis time u're working, i din sms u. U scold me for dis??)
  • When i went to yr house, u are sleeping. I let u sleep. I just looked at u from beside without waking u up.. Last time i woke u up during yr sleep time, u scolded me lots. Dis time i din wake b up..
-In all cases like above, Im just doing by yr wish. And u say I pijak kepala u?? I even more confuse by u..-

If last time, u say i pijak kepala u, i still can accept.. Coz last time I treat u very bad. I make u do watever things i want and according to my way. Forcing u like nobody problems.. But now I realised, and would like to change and  to mend our relationship. I dun want to c us fighting always.. But, still u have yr ways to say me back.. Say me din change at all, saying me being over reacted, over manja, etc.. Tell me wat should i do?? I do like wat u want, but u also say me back.. I do my way, u say me also.. I think Im gonna crazy..

I really dun understand wat is in his mind. Dis moment say not going, dis momen say going. Well, maybe dat moment his mum havent approve? But still, I felt u are getting far den me..

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

Kacak sik??

This bear brings me bits of happiness
but lots of sadness..

It was past few years during valentie's gift..
It was my 1st gift from him and also last gift from him..
This gift not only Valentie gift, bt also a broke up present..
Ya, my ex gave me this bear during valentie and 
requested for a break up..

Well, i agreed.
Because, we really cant click together
He is too ego and playboy
Im too pamper and small gas for him

Our relationship din last long,
it takes only about 3 weeks..

Now Im glad dat his doing fine with his gf..
Keep going..
Thanks for being a part of my life.

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04 March, 2011

http://www.emocutez.com Wat should i do??

Just now only get to know he fall sick, but Im so far away from him till I cant do anything. Just nw chatted v his housemate, luckly they did gave him paracetamol to eat.. So i asked his housemate " he managed to eat paracetamol?? He always refuse to take medicine." His housemtae said "I forced him to eat."

Afta hearing dis, I felt happy. At e mean time, i felt useless too.. Because suddenly his expression and talking way and his housemates came across my mind. How happy he was.. All e while he sicked, I cant even persuade him to take medicine. Only one time i success. That also I cried infront of him. Now hearing dat his housemtes force him, he managed to take. I felt happy. I also blame myself, y couldnt I be better just for him. Why always i have to find faults with him and all. Why i just dont have dat patience..

I think is really time to think about myself..
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03 March, 2011

ko ingat u asyik mcj pakwe aq dan mengadu, blh b'ubah semua ke??
Plz la, dy pun malas nk layan ko!!
Jgn cuba nk rosakkan..
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02 March, 2011

Relationship is getting better and better..
He say dat I improve a lots.. hehe..thz
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..