18 March, 2011

Finally, managed to meet Him today. Oh, its been so long we lost contact.. No sms, no call, no meet.. Nothing. (Actually is just one day) But one day seems too long.

Is really good meeting each other and chit chat all over and about everything. We actually talked about our 1 year ago memories. How we get to know each other, how are we staying together, how he treated and care about me oveer the phone, how we used to skype everyday when we were far apart, how he controlled me and everything.. And after 1 year wat happened, he rarely kisah ap yg aq wat, how we can in fire for days and others. From here, we also tend to open up our heart and mouth to frankly say. I complaint a lot of cz and as usaul. Complaining for him din care me much compare with last time.. Maybe last time we stayed together dat y always have e care.

I still remember last time he can sms asking me "any guy siiting beside u?" where ever I am.. (but now dis question no long available)
Last time he scolded me at nurses cafe in front of all students. Why?? Just because i sat down with a gang of guys and chit chatting.. (But now, he no longer angry)
Do not wear singlet or short pants out.. (Now, up 2 u wat u want to wear)

Is also my fault for everytime take his saying as ANGIN TIUP CNI DAN CITU.. Dat's y, he also malas want to talk so much and control much now..

Is good to reflect back our time together. Knowing we had gone through so much obstacles and pains, sweets, sour and all. Knowing each other thought and also words.

May us can be everlasting couple..
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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