20 March, 2011

Method to keep yrself from thinking of yr problems.. (My individual opinion)

  1. Sleep.. Sleep all e time till u are satisfied.. This is because u will have sweet dream, rather den thinking of yr problems..
  2. Shooooppppinng!! Wow.. shopping doesnt mean u MUST BUY!! U can also do WINDOW SHOPPING!! By seeing things u like, or beautiful, actually makes my heart to feel good.. Can just simply step into a shop, trying clothes dat i like without buying it.. Feel of satissfaction tho..
  3. Maaaakkaann.. Eat and eat and eat to release stress..
  4. Hang out with frenz.. Tiup angin dari merata tempat, laugh about everything else.. Not only can increase our life span, bt makes us healthy too.. Rather den strecthing yr head dat will reduce yr life span..
  5. Swimming.. Huhu.. Build up our body too..
  6. Playing games.. Too concentrate in playing games, tend to let us forgot our world and also time..
  7. Movie and pop corn times.. Is good if watch movie dat will let u laugh till yr lungs out.. If sad movie also can, it will express all our sadness and emotions out..
  8. Most important, talk to our elderly dat we can trust.. Elderly been thru our times and of cz they also know much better den us..
Hope it is useful for u all..

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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