21 March, 2011

Tips to maintain yr relationship with yr THE OTHER HALF.. For sure all u of u have ups and downs with yr another half rite?? I never been in a long relationship, but dis time with my Mr.Him, I coudlnt believe we together for 1 year plus!! Here comes the things dat i learnt from MR.Him all this while, dat makes our relationship maintain and still going..

  1. Trust is the most important and takes the 1st too.. No trust, a relationship cant go so far and cant maintain..
  2. Patience and tolerate. Both gender has own ego. If 2 persons ego are getting higher, and refuse to decrease a little especially during quarrel times. Is hard to maintain both of yr relationship. Of cz both gender has difference (dat's y it makes less perfect couple), dat's why we nit to tolerate each other even sometime we dun like it..
  3. Give and take.. Nothing comes free.. U cant just always and forever let yr the other half to pay for all during dating time rite? So sometimes, u nit to give in something (in order to show yr appreciation and love).. Maybe some guys supper dislike girl paying, but small present would do..
  4. Obey. Obey to wat yr the other half say. Do and don'ts.. Maybe sometime u feel dislike, but u nit to remember (if yr e other half feel u are nothing to him, they wouldnt come out DO AND DONTS for u). Is good advantage for obey. But, of cz dun too over dat DO AND DON'TS..
  5. When quarrel happens, dont accuse the other party for anything 1st. BE COOL, BE CALM, THINK TWICE.. and bring this topic slowly. Allow each other to explain slowly.. After explaining, talk about how u all want to close dis problems.. Solution dat each other agreed and beneficial for each other.
  6. Be sincer. Got one bf/gf, dun ever find any scandle.. If both are sincer, there's no scandle occur.. Sincer not only to yr partner, by in everything u do to yr the other half.
  7. Do not expect yr the other half to change according to yr ways. 1st, we nit to change our weakness, den only expect yr the other half to change their habits. If u cant accept his ways, then in 1st place y u date him, y u love him and accept him at 1st place?? Many ppl might say, his different from being frenz. Den, u should think twice before accepting him..
  8. If u are on gathering v frenz till late nite, report yrself to yr e other half about ur safety.. So dat, yr the other half wont be worry about u till late midnite.. Try get home asap..
  9. Dun believe other ppl talk regarding about yr the other half. People's mouth may be poison to spoilt both of relationship, they can add things into salt and pepper.. If yr the other half din do, but get to know u accused him/her just because of frenz mouth, he/she will be very dissapointed dat y u dun believe. So before u want to say anything regarding wat yr frenz told u, be detective 1st..
I think dat's all from me la.. Hehe.. Tata.. HOPE U ALL ENJOY.

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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