18 March, 2011

Gosh gosh gosh!! 2 more weeks to go is my 5th semester final!! Hmm..cant really believe dat. Preparation not good.


I prefer to work lots more den studying.. I dislike sitting for exam, i dislike to stare at books, i dislike to know my result, I dislike being compare and competitive and lots more.

I prefer working. I love received large amount of money, I love to have busy life (work is buzier den study for me), I love to c e world outside, I very eager to know working's lifestyle how cruel is it etc. Of cz working can be bad. I used to work, and  I seriously enjoyed working. Tho it will be more tiring den studying..

Someone told me..

In order to get yrself to have a stable job, or yr dream jobs.. U nit to study too. Without studying, u couldnt get a well stable job or a job dat u want.. Unless, u choose to work as cleaning, as maid or other job dat wouldnt use yr brain.. Nothing comes easy.. Everything u nit or u want, requires process. N dis process will leads to yr achievement, and achievement leads to yr dreams and so on.. Even tho u're working, u nit to study also (in order to excel in yr work).. So work does not make perfect if u're not studying. We always nit to, in order to upgrade ourself.

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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