18 March, 2011

Everywhere frenz say sabar sabar, patience patience.. Is it so important in relationship?? At 1st, i do not feel dat patience is so great and important in relationship.. But, afta going thru a year love relationship.. I learnt a lot from my another half.

He taught me a lot regarding patience. Yes, all my ex said i do not have patience at all. Even my currently relationship. In time of quarrel, I tend to learn more and understand more about my bf. Patience really matters a lots. Without patience and love together, I can say dat me and him wont stand till so long. It's all because of his patience towards me. But, i took things for granted easily. Until recently, I had lots of problems with my e other half.. So all my frenz suggestions are almost e same " patience, dear."," boy has their own ego, and they wouldnt want to lose. Just tolerate", " Do not put so much heart in yr relationship. Dun let guys fool on gurls!!" " Do not let guys take us gurls for advantage." "Keep yrself high. If u really mean to him, he will find u no matter wat." " Do not show dat u're sensitive , cz it will make him frustrated, and will make him knows he means so much 2 u. Might take u for granted " " If he say dat enough for all arguements, keep quiet and be patience. Stop questioning him." etc.. 

I think all sugestions above from them are really true and reasonable. The more we show cares and loves, the more hurts and nothing we will get. So, lets c if im gonna have patience and all, wat will happened.. Relationship getting better?? or wat??
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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