17 March, 2011

U want to change yr relationship into wat u want, u nit to CHANGE YRSELF 1ST, OTHER DEN ASKING YR THE OTHER HALF TO CHANGE.
 I feel dat it is totally rite in dis saying. U cant expect yr the other half to change according to yr way, if u din change yr behavior. By changing ourself, yr e other half will feel glad dat u changed, and he/she will automatically changed to wat u want.. So, be patience in everything.. Even tho sometimes is hard to control our anger, our jealousy, our pride and many things else.. In order to have eternity with yr e other half, all dis matters. So dat it will avoid us from quarreling..

*Blog is e best way to make me feel calm down.. Its been days din sms v him.. wondering wat are u doing out there.. Hope u are fine.. Miss and lots of love*
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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