29 March, 2011

Tips to study: (general suggestions la)

  1. Do mind map or short notes dat make u all easier to understand
  2. Highlight those key words using different colour of highlight pen
  3. Memorise and understand..
  4. Close yr notes and reflect back wat u read just now (if possible write in a paper)
  5. Fail to reflect, open notes den study for a few rounds till u get it
  6. Do revision questions (frm lecturer tutorial or internet)
  7. Ask and answer questions frm yr frenz. (have a fren to post u some questions)
  8. Disccusssion v frenz..
  9. Seek yr lecturer for any questions..
  10. Last bt not least, away from yr laptop..

All e best..

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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