04 March, 2011

Just now only get to know he fall sick, but Im so far away from him till I cant do anything. Just nw chatted v his housemate, luckly they did gave him paracetamol to eat.. So i asked his housemate " he managed to eat paracetamol?? He always refuse to take medicine." His housemtae said "I forced him to eat."

Afta hearing dis, I felt happy. At e mean time, i felt useless too.. Because suddenly his expression and talking way and his housemates came across my mind. How happy he was.. All e while he sicked, I cant even persuade him to take medicine. Only one time i success. That also I cried infront of him. Now hearing dat his housemtes force him, he managed to take. I felt happy. I also blame myself, y couldnt I be better just for him. Why always i have to find faults with him and all. Why i just dont have dat patience..

I think is really time to think about myself..
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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