27 February, 2011

Last week was a really hetic week for me. Lots of problems occured v bf. and I do not know wat to do. We almost broke up, but ended din break up too. Since both of us still have feelings for each other. N emotions during the gadoh time, of cz our brain will out of control. Ya, and i really din mean dat my member together with y bf. The stories goes like dat. I went to his house one day, I accidentally saw dat gurl sms at my bf's fon. Both of them sms-ing around 2am till 3am plus plus. Wat i know was, 1am my bf back from work and asked me to go bed early. Ok, i followed wat he said. But i just couldnt believe dat 2am his sms-ing v a gurl without my knowing. Do u all feel hurt? I think i saw a msg frm dat gurl saying " saya sayang awak", klo awak x nk tdr, saya pun x nk tdr.".. Wa..wat's my feelings afta dat? Din expect also of cz will start expect la.. I cried in front of him and my heart really aching. He did explained to me wat's going on. Well, explaination accepted, but my heart is just no peace at all. Lots of fears. If yr situation is like me, of cz u too will have e same feeling as me. This things make me around for 2 - 3 days.. I eventually smsed to dat gurl and told her al my feelings and thoughts. Asking her to have a distance v my bf. Even tho they are close. And i cant believe dat, watever message i sent to her, she forwarded to my bf.. The feelings of me is like, u purposely want to spoilt our relationship. Ya, true enough he almost break up v me. And I need to thz to her too, cz if dis thing wont occured, I wont know my bf's real feeelings all this while. N i also realised how bad am I to control my bf all dis while, how bad am I wanting to stick v my bf all dis while and all. (truth is my bf dislike all dis).

So, we started our new relationship without all these. Im trying my best to changed, his trying his best to change too. Life goes on. Of cz, afta dis incidents.. Things din go just like last time. His treat to me is colder den last time.. I told him straight wat my thinks and feelings (as i dun have this chance to say b4). He say he wants us to be happy just like last time we live together under the rooth and also when Im at penang..

Ya, i really miss the time we stay together under one bumbung.. Is like husband and wife.. Haha.. I back from training, his at home with his cookings and all. I wake up, with all breakfast ready. HuHu.. How sweet dat moment was. When I back late nite frm work, his there preparing my towel all for me to bath, even massage is available.. Oh, so sweet. Afta dinner, we sure will have movie together.. He will do all house chores instead of me.. Wakakaka.. Go buy vegetable, also we go togehter..

Really need him and want him by my side forever.. No one can take him away from me..

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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