01 April, 2011

Today, want to talk about Breast self examination (BSE).

- detect any abnormalities in our breast
- to detect cancerous or non cancerous cells in our breast.

Steps in doing BSE: (from pictures no.1 to no.6)
- Stand infront of a mirror (is better to have a long mirror)
- Lift up both of yr hands and place behind yr head and observe for yr nipples. ( look for shape,size,symmetrical,skin discoloration,lumps,sores skin,discharged)
- If you want to check left side of yr breast, make sure u life up yr right hand.
- Use the finger pads of the three middle fingers to feel for yr lumps. Do in a circular motion to feel the breast tissue
- Use 3 pressures each time (light,middle and firm) each time u feel for yr breast
- Do not leave yr hand from yr skin.
- Repeat the same thing on yr right breast.
-After doing 2 sides of breast, carefully check at yr armpit and the area btw the breast and armpit for lump.
- Last, use yr index finger and yr middle finger to squeeze yr nipple to see is there any discharge.

- Is better to have BSE every month one week after yr period. Same time every month.
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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