04 April, 2011

Too bored. Nothing to do whole day. So, went to google and search for cupcakes.. Since last time I wanted to have cupcakes for certain occasion. But, failed to have. Coz nit to make order (I din know dat time).

Actually dis year my bf's b'thday (Jan), we celebrated with his frenz. I planned to have cupcakes for him. So, on dat day, I went to a nearby cafe dat sell cupcake and ask for it. Who know, need to advance order, Ish, so cupcake for my hubby gone.. But, we had steamboat together and I bought a blackforest cake for HIM.. 

Well, is his 1st time celebrating with frenz after decades. Its been years he din celebrate his b'thday with anyone. He even forget his b'thday. So, dis year he had a memorable celebration with me and his frenz. N of cz his happy for it. N I hope, our memories will be 4ever in his heart.

N yes, I LOVE CUPCAKES!! Is so so cute..~!!!
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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