18 April, 2011

Currently Im using this maybeline eyelinear gel. U nit to know how to draw eyeliner only can use this. Pencil eyeliner is the foundation of learning to apply eyelinear. Pen for me is a bit harder. This type is more bettter for me. I choose this maybeline brand is because when I applied, it is more darker and wont smudge so easily. Is more lasting. When we use pecil eyelinear, it tends to smudge easier and also not as dark as this gel. Cybercolor brand i NEVER would want to use anymore!! 

In applying eyeliner, normally i will apply from the middle to the inner corner of our eyes.. Later den from middle to outer of our eyes.. Lastly, i will apply straight from inner to outer.. I feel more comfortable in applying like dis.. hehe..
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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