17 April, 2011

Ah..Today is sunday, but I had posting dis morning. I really dun feel like waking up early in this morning to go such a bad place for my posting.

This morning is a busy day for me in ward. I went to labor room with staff nurse to observe for normal delivery. Is my 2nd time seeing people labor. 1st time was when my posting is at penang. Dis patient for mine is very pity. Actually her expected delivery date is on 1st of May. But due to her pregnancy pain, she couldnt sleep for few days. So here is she admitted at dis medical center.

For the whole morning, her OS is just 2cm.. So doctor did IOL for her by giving oxytocin. After 2 hours, her OS iss still the same and she complaint of backpain and all. Her pain is so worst till patient is sweating.. Actually, dis patinet is going for normal delivery, but since her pain is so worst she request for C-section.. Her fetal is big and fetal's head is facing upward. Doctor decided giving her C-section, straight away I went to operation theater with staff nurses to help up. I couldnt do much as Im just a student nurse.. Is great seeing delivery today.. Exhausted also..
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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