03 April, 2011

Qing ming, which means clear and bright in chinese. In dis festival, Chinese people will buy lots of prayer stuffs and some money paper, property paper to their beloved graveyard and pay respect. Before prayer, we will clean the surrounding of our beloved's graveyard and also will do some painting around it also. Den all of us will have joystick on our hands and pray. Foods will be presented in front of it and others as above. Some families spent thousand of money just for dis festival. Chinese people also will burn "money" to their "beloved."

Qing Ming, is the both fifth term in the traditional lunar calender and festival. The purpose of dis festival is to remember our beloved death and ceremonial will be hold for our beloved  death too. Is also a time where everyone will express our griefs towards our beloved death. This year Qing Ming will be fall on 5th april..

It's only once or twice times I had dis Qing Ming with my relatives and families. In remembrance of my uncle and my grandfater. My uncle pass away coz of heart attack and grandfather is cz of old age disease. I din really like to have dis festival, coz we have to be under the sun for the one whole day and it's so hot.. I dislike those joystick smell as well. Im not a buddhist, so there's certain things Im prohibited to do. But, I still show respect to my uncle and grandfather. I will always remember them and uphold them forever.

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