12 May, 2011

Happy nurses day to all nurses around the world!!

Last year 12/05/2010, my college gave all student nurses flowers as a token for Nurses Day. Sadly enough, this year I din receive any gift for college because today I dont have any classes. For those who at college, will received gifts from college. But I wonder wat they get this year.

Nursing is founder of Florence Nightingale. Nurses Day is on 12/5 every year is also conjunction of Florence Nightingale's birthday. Nurses Day is celebrated by all nurses around the world.

To be a nurse, we nit to have all these qualities:

  • Caring
  • Loving
  • Patience
  • Brave
  • Responsible
  • Careful
  • Big heart to patients
  • Skillfullness
Each patient's life that we handle is on our hand. Once a small mistake is done, patient's live can end just like dat.

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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