02 May, 2011

Ish ish feeeling annoy with someone at my hostel unit. She always want us to follow her mood. When she's in good mood, she will tallk very nicely with us.. When she's in bad mood, she will ignore us just like dat. What she think she is? Is she a queen or somekind of top ppl in Malaysia?? Is really hard for us to follow yr mood. U think only u alone got problem whereas we dun have problems? U always just create problem in our hostel, talking behind our housemates's back, but lastly close with them till like Uhu GLUe!! U are so arrogant till u never want to admit yr fault and all. Even is yr fault, u will show yr dat ego face to us and saying is not yr fault. I really cant stand u dis kind of person. Last time, when we 1st became housemates, u eventually say we can use yr rack to put our things..Bt now, all our belongings u put aside from yr rack. If u really unwilling, u shouldnt offer us at the 1st place.
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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