03 February, 2011

Safe journey to him all e way to pahang tonight..
Count down: 3 more days to go!!

*I miss him..*

Nak manja dgn si dia la.. Rindu masa dengan dia.. Selalu b'kepit tiap tiap ari..
Really thank you for yr patience toward me.
My selfishness, my temper, my weakness, my angryness, my self thoughts and all.
Thanks for sabar-ing with me all this while.

Im sorry for those words dat hurted u or make u angry and so on..
Deeply inside from my heart, IM SORRY..Is just angry talk sometimes.
U always tolerate me by trying yr effort to meet me, tolerate me even tho Im wrong, willing to spend time v me (even tho u're half way spending time v yr frenz or family), willing to fullfill my wishes and all.. There's so much I want to say.. I just couldn't express from my mouth even here I dunno how to express..

Well, i wish my actions will let u know my love 2 u..

Waiting for ur return..
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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