05 February, 2011

Today CNY 2, din go anywhere.. Actually before dis, planned to go Batu Pahat (dad's hometown). As u all read newspaper, all over malaysia is flooded! So, to avoid traffic jam and all, plan canceled. Dat means dis yera angpau wil be less den last year dy.. Haha..

Early in e morning, hp beeped!! Yeah, message from Him.. Yesterday mood changed, din really talk much v him. He arrived pahang safety and is busy-ing for afternoon party at his aunt's house. But, he did message me awhile. As usual, at home.. Lingering around, online, makan, watch tv  etc.. Especially now tv channel has lots of CNY Programme.

Dis afternoon, one family came and visit us. N yes angpau again.. WoOoO.. At least, 2 hours spent time v them.. Late afternoon, watched Ulitmate programme cause my bestie (Trisky) is on TV for competition. Hehe..

At least 4 hours din message v him. The next messages from him was asking me wat am I doing and all, sending his family regards to me and some random stuff. I asked him " why u din ask me wat am I doing at kl, instead of Johor. (since i tld him im going jhr today)" He replie " ala, yesterday u said sumthing came up..so x jadi g" I replied " i say x jadi g tok malam plan, bkn plan yg ari ni g johor. But, nvm. u r smart enouf. Muax" Later few hours we smsed again. I told him I managed to download certain movie. So whole nite Im downloading movie only..

Suddenly, he messaged me" blog dh ok??" I waas like "huh?? why suddenly talked about blog??" In my mind I was thinking, I din mention about Im editing my blog or write post any to him.. Cz I din do today. He suddenly pooped out dis question to me. Kinda weird. If he asked "how is yr progress in downloading movie?" I still can accept.. Aik.. Dis is how my bf always be.. Suddenly asked some question dat I wont think of or is irrelevant. But, anyway.. I still thank him for asking dis. That means his showing concern to my daily routine. Hehe..

Safe journey back to KL.. Thz to mother-in-law for her home cook fish..

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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