07 February, 2011

Yeah, last nite finally able to meet up with him afta 5 weeks of separation.. Thz dear for e willingness and effort to come. Had mamak time with him and few frenz of us.. Later, we went to supermarket to buy some grocceries for hostel.. I can say dat his more good in choosing vegetables, meat all better den me. Feel so ashame of myself. Even he cooked also better den I. Gud husband tho.. Haha.. Let say next time we marry, let him to handle all e household chores and let me go out to work.. Hehe.

Afta long separation, he said dat Im a bit chubby den before. YEAH!! Good for both of us (since he always complaint dat Im gettting thinner and thinner..).. But bad thing he said was I looked more dark den before. Wat to do? At penang weather is so supper hot, hostel no curtain (and my bed was just rite beside window, so u can imagine sun shine directs to my skin and my bed), n always went to beach in e afternoon or late afternoon.. Of cz  will go dark.. Takkan go fair den before. Hehe..

so serious in choosing..

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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