10 February, 2011

Ish.. These few days i really dunno wat wrong with me until I kept on find fault with my bf.. Not only one day, but can say b'turut 3 days!! I really fedup until I actually wrote " Nak bercurang" at my bf's fb.. Dat moment, i really meant it.. I loggged out from his fb, and signed in to my own fb. Suddenly there's a guy (hen mun) chatted with me and ask me when free go drink together. I replied him back saying "u so bz, always find u, u also bz with yr gf dun want out v us." Den he replied by saying his single now and his very free. Of cz he asked me how am I and my bf. I asked him to find a bf to me. He actually so perasan until he ask me to accept him. Wat the heck!! 

Ya, teasing here and there.. He sounded so serious. Hen Mun and I used to be ex colleagues, and we are very close frenz. We always used to invite each other to have a drink, but since he has gf dat time we rarely meet up. But once, I went movie with my bf, I bumped into him. We talked like we are very close. Afta i dismissed v him, my bf actually got jelez.. Wakakaka.. Ya, back to topic about he want me to be his gf.. So, I told him I still having my dat boy la. He say he wont mind dat much. 

Later, my plan of curang din turn up. Cz of I rejected him at dat moment. These few days, I really dunno wat wrong v my mind. Today i actually text him by saying" If one day i break up v u, u dun think dat i x love u.. Is because of yr attitude dat makes me break up v u".. I love him a lot, bt just sometimes frenz's goossips, stories, his attitude I really cant accept dat much and fast. Well, tho we almost 1 year, but still I hardly can understand him.. I really want to forget all our problems dat we are having right now. Im too tired and too sick for all these things. I wont let u go anyway.

" I won't let u go. I will be patience just like how is yr patience to me. I know time and days will overcome our problems. N if there's fade, we will be forever. I cant believe myself for loving u and be with u so long. (as u know my previous stories). I will always protect u and support yr every decisions. I will fullfill yr promises too. "
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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