08 April, 2011

Yes, last nite had dinner with family at DELICIOUS CAFE @ Ampang. Is my 1st time coming to this restaurant. Actually the purpose we came here is to celebrate my youngest sis's SPM. She scored well in her SPM, so we decided to come here for celebration. Its been long time din have delicious dinner just like last nite.

This cafe served all kind of meals. Western, local foods. You can find anything dat u want, such as dessert, rice, chicken chop, spaggethi, burger, salad, etc. The foods here are really nice and of cz price is quite high a bit (but affordable and worth it). Their decorations are nice too and felt comfortable. Normal days, we can just walk in like this to have our meals. But, you need to do reservation if there's any festival or occasion. Coz it will be FULL HOUSE!! Let me show u some of their foods..


I din able to take all of our meals photo, coz all of us are hungry.. So straight away we makan our foods.. hehe.. Anyway, u all can have a try at dis cafe tho.. ENJOY YR DAY..

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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