09 April, 2011

Today, volunter for helping up for health care day dat organize by my church. Im the one who will be counselor/advisor for patient's health. 1st time experience in this thing tho. Anyway, i really enjoy myself explaining everything about health to them according to my knowlege and also experiences..

What is my job there basically have a look at there health result (BMI, Blood pressure, glucose, urine etc) and explain to them their abnormalities, causes, prevention etc dat they want to know. Some people are so hard to advice, what we advise to them went into drain because they have lots of excuses for their abnormalities. They dun even have the heart to change their lifestyle. Some of them really in pink of health. Some of them good enough to accept my advice and others.

Almost 200 people came for this campaign and my throat went dry for explaining to them one by one. Of cz there's other's helping me too.

Anyway, Im glad helping up in dis campaign with NKF (NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION) people and it helps me gain experiences as a student nurse..
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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