12 April, 2011

To time: plz pass 3 weeks fast.. I dun want to suffer at dis training place anymore..

I dislike it and i hate it a lot and loads. I dislike their staffs dat are so unfriendly, so unrespect students.. They treat us like a slave.. They dun even give us time to rest or even sit down awhile.. Even there's no work, they want us to stand their and find work. But, the problem is there's nothing we can do. Even there's work, they dun allow us to do also. So wat's the point? Doctors are fierce and can just scold everyone just like dat. They can even make staff nurse cried over there. The worst part is, we nit to work from monday to sunday, there's only 1 day off ffor us. Ish ish.. I really dislike dis place, is just like a hhelll..

P/S: sorry cant update blog everyday because will be busy with my practical.. Have a good week ahead tho.. LOVE..

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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