30 April, 2011

Mum your there through everything,
Through the good and bad,
Thank you for being there,
And sorry for the times I made you mad,

You never give up on me,
Even when I make the worst mistakes,
But I'm trying my hardest to improve,
I'm doing whatever it takes,

I appreciate more than you realize,
Even though it doesn't always show,
I love you more than life itself,
And I hope you'll always know,

I know I say some hurtful things,
And sometimes I make you cry,
But now I just want you to know,
I'll always be there to wipe your eye,

You think about everyone else first,
Todays our day to think about you,
To thank you for the things you say,
And everything you do,

Though we may not say it,
Without you we couldn't live,
Because everything we have,
Is everything you give,

I know everyone says it,
But you truly are the best mum ever,
And nothing will ever break me,
Because we'll make it through anything together,

I'm glad I have a mum like you,
To me your the best around,
You catch me whenever I fall,
You'd never let me hit the ground,

So today you get a break,
Because we want to show you we care,
You always give so much love,
And today thats what we'll share,

Your my best friend mum,
And my guardian angel too,
I hope you have a mothers day,
That's perfect- just like you.

Mum, u are the one who went through pain just to born me..
You are the one who care me for 24 hours ever since Im born..
You are the one who always take good care of me..
You are the one who always concern about me..
You are the one who always love me.

When u're sick, u still take good care of me..
You will never leave me aside..

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