30 April, 2011

Sorry for not updating my blog. It's been a busy weekdays and also hetic weekdays. After this, i will be more relax cause practical dh tamat!! There's time for blogging again..

In my 3months practical as student nurse, i couldnt learn much thing over the place dat college has placed me in. Why? Because they dun allow us to do any single procedure beside observation. And our duty over there is just like cleaner empty urine, wash urine container, mop floor, pick up rubbish, make drink for patient and so on.. Is like we are slave over there. Of cz students also lost their moods in posting. Hence, absentism increased among us. Hehe.. Other den dat, we nit to work till weekend and nit to work for nite shift (9pm till 7am). Is this wat a student duty??

We try to complain to college, but they just wont let us get out from this hell place. So, patience is among us. And yes, now we are free from all these!!
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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