11 May, 2011

Yes, yesterday afternoon i spent my day with my bf till this afternoon. (24 hours)

Its been long time we din really spend our time together due to his buziness of working.

Supposingly my plan 2 days ago was:
- cooked wat i owe him (mee hun soup)
- have lunch and dinner with him

I even prepared all things and bring over to his house. Oh gosh!! His house is just in a mess totally!! I couldnt stand it and had a little sweeping at his house. Afta dat, I plan to get ready to do cooking for our lunch. But, who knows his house dun have cooking oil.. Automatically my 2nd plan fail (cook meals other den mee hun soup). He said "din i tell u my house dun have anything." I replied "yes i know.bt i din know dat cooking oil also dun have." So, we just continue our mee hum soup. I wanted to do for him (since is my last time promise to make for him). But somehow, he did the soup and all. I cant blame him for making it instead of me making. Cz he likes to do things by his own. Is not dat i dunno how to do, k? I can, but my bf who has dat huge ego and man wanted to do. Somehow his mee hum soup tastes nice. So, my 2 plans failed acutally. Hehe..

He told me he will asked me to cook someother days since his house dun have cooking oil. At nite, we had soup and rice and burger. Sad rite? But is bleessed to have meals together rather den nothing. I also get to know how much my bf LOVES YOGURTS!! I bought some yogurts along, and he just loves it damn much!!

Im getting to know our interest and favorites are alomst the same.. Hehe..
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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