11 May, 2011

Fans of chocolate milk??

I really addict to chocolate milk.. Everywhere i go, once i saw there's hot chocolate drink, I will not hestitate to order them. Im in love with chocolate!! 

Allow me to introduce u all my favorite HOT CHOCOLATE MILK!! (keke)

Yes, dis is my favorite. One day i overnight at my frend's hostel, felt hungry. So i went to a grocerry shop and spotted HOT CHOCOLATE MILK!! Without any hesitation, i bought straight away (tho is expensive cz of the brand). But Im willing cz of Chocolate milk!! One day i went to supermarket and search for big packet of chocolate milk, thinking of nt buying dis brand coz of it's price.

I remember once my bf bought a large packet of Chocolate milk from econsave. It tastes nice too. But i couldnt remember wat bring. My bf also forgot brand name. There's lots of choices in supermarket. But all brands Im not familiar with. So, i stick back to my Carburry hot chocolate milk (packet same as above). Is around rm13++ for 15 packets. I gave to my bf one packet since he also loves hot chocolate milk. His a fussy guy when it comes to foods and drinks. But after he drank dis packet of chocoalte milk, he praises non- stop. For me, tastes nice and it looks smooth. Is different from other brand. My bf praises dis because is not too sweet (he dislikes sweetness), taste is just rite for him and is smooth enough.

U all can try dis drink. But is expensive a little.

*My bf asked me to buy a big packet for him. Both of us are lovers of hot chocolate milk. Hehe*

Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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