07 May, 2011

Side view of the notebook (without keyboard)

Front view of the notebook touch screen (without keyboard)
u can just bring this to college for yr presentation

Home screen with keyboard. (Keyboard is separated with the notebook)
U can remove keyboard away if u dun want to use keyboard

The features of this thin notebook..

Have u all seen dis kind of small notebook?? Well, is not from China or taiwan. Is just like a small note book but is thin. And is touch screen!! U can always bring this around. If u feel like having touch screen, u can put that keyboard aside. Yes, keyboard is not connected with that notebook. And this notebook can actually attach with tv or other LCD. And after attached, u can choose wat u want to appear in yr TV by using touch screen on yr notebook. Is well handle. This is more suitable for students. If let say u are having presentation today, u can just take yr dis notebook (without keyboard) to college. Iss it interesting??
Done membelel.. Leave yr komen..

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